January 6, 2018

Happy New Year!

Wow! 2017 blurred right on by, didn’t it? I’m thrilled to report 2018 looks to be yet another barn-burner! This spring brings two new releases for me.

BAD GIRL, the second book in my new Hush Money series, is being released in March. Sydney and Clay continue to explore their relationship. Rough water surges when both Clay’s son AND his son’s mother, Miranda, (whom Clay hasn’t seen since Miranda abandoned him and their son eighteen years earlier) show upĀ  in Madison on Thanksgiving. Miranda makes it clear she’s come to town to reclaim both her son AND his father. When her body is discovered hanging in an abandoned barn on New Year’s Day, the police have enough evidence to arrest Clay. Sydney is determined to prove her lover isn’t a killer. What she discovers threatens not only what she believes, but her very life as well.


THE WRONG SISTER, a stand-alone novel, will be released on February 27th. Tess is an assistant librarian living a small life in Madison, WI. While stuck in traffic one summer’s day, she spies a familiar-looking face coming out of a hotel. She looks again, shocked to see the woman is a trendily-dressed carbon copy of herself. The two women meet, are stunned by their shared history, and set out to uncover the mystery binding in their histories. When a body is discovered in a local marsh, Tess finds herself in the police station…with all fingers pointed at her!